Wouldn't It Be Nice?

from by 4 a.m.



wouldnt it be nice
if we could all live twice
if we could go to the moon
if we could stay the night

and would it be nice
if we could see the light
if we knew what to do
all of the time

i think it would be nice
if you were mine
and i could do what i want
i would use your mind

i think it would be nice
if i could give my eyes
to someone who sees black
all of the time

its a tree
do you see what i see
do you wanna be free
let me show you what i see
its a door through the floor,
thats not open anymore,
it has life in its body and its rotten to the core,
but by choice, i dont think,
the world around it only shrinks,
let me rest let me think
the tree is gone in a blink
and when your eye shuts,
let it open again,
befriend the unearthed tree
and see your new vision bend
because if you saw what i see
you may just want to sleep
you may just want to think deep and keep these creeps on the brink
of reality, the tree is smothering my sanity
all this sight is leading to is reruns of my vanity

but dont you worry friend, ill just take you to the place
where i go to think, i close my eyes and pace
because its truly bliss to know not whats behind you
to know not whats ahead, because vision truly blinds you


from Nyctophilia, released June 6, 2015



all rights reserved


4 a.m. Gainesville, Florida

Music is one of the most important parts of my life. I write what I would listen to, If you are anything like me, my words will mean something to you.

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